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Over the past ten years, we have gathered some of the world's foremost experts in a number of areas.

Nobel Prize winners, professors, philosophers and entrepreneurs. Some of the world's foremost experts have participated at SKAGEN's New Year Conference.

John H. Cochrane - Stanford Institute

“Towards a run-free financial system” Have we become immune to financial crises?

Anne Elizabeth Applebaum - Pulitzer Prize winning author

Brexit, fake news, and trade war – Applebaum will give us the annual geopolitical risk check.

Alexandra Morris - Investment director

Most emerging markets are contributing to global growth. What is the outlook for EM?

Björn Weigel, Investor and Author

Innovation, disruption, tech hype and why capitalism has lost its mojo.

Maria Strømme - Professor of Nanotechnology

How will nanotechnology change society and what opportunities does this give rise to for investors? 

Philip Ripman - Senior Analyst and Portfolio Manager

How to select the best performers in a world focused on sustainability.