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Trygve Meyer

ESG Specialist/Communications

Trygve works with responsible investments as part of the Fund Intelligence Team. He is also press contact.


  • Currently member of portfolio specialist team – focus on sustainability/ESG
  • Also doing selected tasks within SKAGEN's communications work
  • Previously in role as Communications Advisor in portfolio department 2006-17
  • Joined SKAGEN in May 2006
  • Before SKAGEN, worked as reporter with Bloomberg News in Oslo 2000-06
  • Soldier representative and press spokesperson in Norwegian Armed Forces 1999-2000
  • Experience in trade finance at Statoil during internships and summers 1995-2000


  • BSc (Hons) in Business Administration from University of Bath

Extending our ESG influence

By: Trygve Meyer

In 2017, SKAGEN continued to build on our focus on environmental, social and corporate governance factors (ESG) in our investment process. We also went a step f ...

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